Load EKG

A load ECG examination is performed by Dr. Alexandra Pácz at the Buda Private Medical Center. www.budaimaganrendelo.hu


All necessary vaccinations can be obtained at the Buda Vaccination Center (www.budaioltokozpont.hu), which acts as an international vaccination center.

Laboratory examinations

All laboratory tests are available at the Buda Private Medical Center laboratory. Blood is taken from Monday to Saturday from 6 am. Online login is also available. www.bmclabor.hu

Complete health check-up

It's worth taking a closer look at our health condition before long journeys. At the Buda Private Medical Center, you can get a comprehensive picture of your health within a period of 2.5 to 3 hours with coordinated work from six physicians. Our center has contractual relations with all Health Funds. Online login is also available. www.menedzserszures.com

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